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Supporters of the WS-CC

Please check back often as we add supporters daily.

WS-CC Action Committee

Shawn DeNae – Chair
Lara Kaminsky
Dr. Alan Schreiber
Steve Walser
Frank Faulds
Dr. Bethany Johnson
Sean O’Leary

Lara Kaminsky – Exec Director
The Cannabis Alliance

Danielle Rosellison
COO Trail Blazin'

Norman Ives 
Broker - Cannabis Specialist 
Worldwide Facilities LLC 

Todd Arkley, CPA
Arkley Accounting Group

Nick Mosely

CEO Confidence Analytics,

Keith Boyce
New Day Cannabis

John Davis
CEO PSG Brands

Caitlein Ryan

Central WA Growers Assoc.

Cannabis Farmers Council BOD

Steve Walser
Buddy Boy Farms

Frank Fauls
Evergreen GroPro

Jeff Merryman
I Grow, LLC

Colin Lukey
Yield Farms

Casey Connell
Contender Gardens LLC

Ryan Sevigny
High Tide Ranch

Eugene Flynn
Canna Herb Farms

Shawn DeNae
Washington Bud Company

Dr. Bethany Johnson

Bethany McMartin

Olympus Horticulture LLC

Suzy Wilson
WOW Weed

Crystal Oliver
Washington’s Finest Cannabis

Center for the Study of Cannabis and Social Policy
Dr. Dominic Corva, Executive Director

Dr. Alan Schreiber
Ag Development Group

Sean O’Leary
Arlington Cannabis Coalition
Ristretto Coffee & Wine Bar 

Neomosha Nelson

Ryan Agnew, Esq.
The Law Office of Ryan R. Agnew, PS.

Jim MacRae
Straight Line Analytics

Trey Reckling - Director
Academy of Cannabis Science

Maryam Mirnateghi
Canna West Seattle

Jedidiah Haney-Exec Director
Laboratory Guild

David Morgan

The Cannabis Alliance

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