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What Can a Commission Do?

Once created, the WSCC will speak as THE voice of the WA State Government for cannabis; because who knows cannabis better than the farmers who grow it?

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The WSCC will fund research to provide solutions to the farmer’s challenges of growing and marketing their crops to attain the best sustainable pricing and profitability


The WSCC will educate government agencies, the public and the industry about cannabis; it will provide guidance to all cannabis farmers to help them better thrive


The WSCC will provide professional representation of cannabis farmers to local jurisdictions and all government agencies; ensuring the farmers needs get heard


Alan Schreiber

Executive Director Blueberry Commission

"The Blueberry Commission continues to educate growers on all aspects of food safety from food handling and safety training sessions to fresh sales best practices"


Dr. Bethany Johnston “Dr. Bug”

Everything from outdoor planting cycles, propagating cultures, insect management and control of microbes will benefit from more integrated research and the application of those findings. Establishing the Washington State Cannabis Commission is a critical early step towards bringing growers and researchers together with funding and over site that elevates our findings from anecdote to data.


Steven and Margaret Walser

Tier 3 Producer/Processor Spokane Valley

We've been Organic farmers for over 40 years and produced two crops; potatoes and blueberries that both have a commission. The relatively small assessments we paid over the years was repaid many times over with the wealth of research and industry information they distributed. (Commissions) work assiduously with both state and federal governments to protect the interests of their grower members

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